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Oneplayer.js is an unified media player and gallery solution for enterprise, which can be integrated into the enterprise system as a software library.

  • Multiple media types support
    You can play various media such as video, panorama, 3D model with one software.

  • Zippable media file
    If the 3D model obj file refers to mtl or image files, you can combine those files into a zip file. Even if there is only one file such as mp4,
    you can reduce the file size by making it a zip file.

  • Powerful gallery function
    In addition to the playback tools, gallery software components are also included. You can build various modern media galleries such as slides and rotations.

  • Front-end technology only
    Fully uses the power of HTML5 and is independent of server-side technology.

  • Easy to integrate
    Supports modular mechanisms such as AMD, CMD, ES6 or Non-Module, can be easily integrated into existing enterprise systems.


UnitInitial Per Year
one domain(or subdomain)900,000 JPY300,000 JPY

※All prices do not include tax


UnitInitial Per Year
one domain(or subdomain)60,000 RMB20,000 RMB

United States and Other Countries & Regions

UnitInitial Per Year
one domain(or subdomain)9,000 USD3,000 USD

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